Communication from the General Secretariat for Maritime Affairs in Brittany and the Côtes d’Armor Departmental Coastal and Maritime Directorate


Those yachts that are planning to call in any marina not designated as a PPF port (Maritime Border Entry Port) have no cause for concern as the following procedure will be adopted:


A yacht should inform the Harbour Master's office by VHF of its arrival. The Harbour Master will then advise the Border Police (PAF) or the Customs authorities as the case may be. These authorities may then decide either to visit the arriving yacht or request those on board to attend the nearest PAF or Custom's office to have their passports stamped.


However, a further relaxing of these measures is expected, and it is probable that passports will not be required to be stamped, in which case the information relayed to the Border Police or Custom’s authorities will be sufficient, and those on board will not need to do anything further.


It is absolutely necessary to ensure that the existing border posts are not overwhelmed by the demand.

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