At the close of our year for our accounts to be prepared at the end of September we had a paid up list of members standing at 487 for 2017 but with the details of the previous 2016 members who had not renewed it gave a total number of records of 674. When we notify members of the AGM date and that subscriptions are due for the next season we always use the details of the current year and or the previous year as not every one renews regularly each year, some miss out a year occasionally for what ever reason.

We are still in a healthy position although long gone are the days of a membership close to 1400.
The best way of keeping our membership up to give us a good negotiating position is by word of mouth with other people moored near you. We have increased the number of firms willing to give a discount to our members and Peter Van de Velde is to be thanked for that along with other committee members.
We don’t have club premises or run a bar in a club house to attract members but our lay by moorings, discount scheme, and the parking scheme as well as looking after the best interests of our members in negotiations’ with the Harbour Department must count for something. It’s that old saying “Use it or loose it!!” we can all do something to get new or existing mooring holders to join us and get the benefits of membership.
We have got members in the UK who come over with their boats regularly and recognise that our £20.00 a year subscription plus buying a burgee is well worth it to make use of our lay by moorings legally.
My efforts during the spring contacting people about old standing order payments has helped and several old amount subscriptions have been updated and in effect lapsed members rejoined at the present rate, there were less old amount payments than previously but still nearly 30 at various amounts.
We have over 200 members paying via their banks by standing order.

Parking has had its usual problems with disruption to the Round Top area due to Seafront closures—the number of closures appears to be increasing each year, people abusing our spaces frequently at the QEII South waiting for Condor check in to open and also just ignoring the signs that it is a permit only space, very often on a Saturday or Sunday when they know that it is un-likely that a fixed penalty fine by the Harbour Office will occur.
Those of you applying for permits valid from January 1st will get them in time between Christmas and the New Year and the 6 month permits will be out ready for the start of April 2018, and after those dates I will try to turn around applications as promptly as I can but do remember I do have a life and family commitments apart from answering GBA mail and messages!
I am very grateful for Pauline Workman taking minutes at our meetings and typing them up, it means that I can contribute to what we are discussing not just taking notes and trying not to miss what is being said.

As our President has said before our dealings with the team at the Harbour Office have improved and I would like to encourage our members to talk to them if they have a problem, don’t just grumble about it and don’t forget we are here to help you if we can if you get no where, but we can’t work miracles.

Jeremy Witham
Secretary GBA