This exciting project could not only provide 200+ new local moorings but also free up some marina berths as some of you may decide to move your boats into this new deep-water facility.

It would also offer over 200 berths for visiting vessels and the added protection of the new development would enable Guernsey Harbours to promote the use of the Victoria marina for wintering foreign boats on short term contracts in a VAT-free environment outside of the EU.

Guernsey used to be the No.1 destination for leisure vessels from all over Europe but statistics show that these numbers have dwindled during the past 30 years by more than 50% due to lack of facilities and modernisation.

We are being left behind!

Our economy needs schemes like this to generate much-needed income to the island.

It’s not about catering for a minority section of the community, it’s about promoting Guernsey as a major player in an expanding leisure industry.

All of us, whether a boater or not, will benefit from this wise investment and the return  on capital employed will cover the costs several times over.

You and I must impress upon our States members the merits of these plans if they are to succeed and equally persuade the Guernsey public that this is also in their best interests economically.

Pool Marina Consultation Document