Secretary’s Report 2021


As our President Nick Guillemette started his report last year by saying it had been an unusual year, but little did we know that we would be going into another lock down.

With the limited ability to venture out side of our local waters we all hoped to make use of what was available to us with in the Bailiwick.

We had been advised at the end of last season that our lay by moorings along Guernsey’s East Coast needed a major up grade to replace chains and deadman that had come to the end of their safe use, our Dive Contractor was to organise the production of new one ton blocks with suitable chain attachment points.

Unfortunately the lock down again delayed the local construction industry and when work restarted on building sites the demand for concrete was prioritised for building 

construction and supplies of concrete were less than the demand required. The result was that our needs were not met so none of our local lay by moorings were reinstated, only our two in Sark were fit for purpose and in use and covered by insurance. Although we put up the information on our web site and face book page I had a lot of messages asking why people could not find them but we have been assured that this winter the blocks will be produced on shore and then taken using air bags to float them into position starting with the first one out side the QEII Marina and continuing until all five are up and in use. 

Most years when we put out the Notice and Agenda for the AGM we get some members who have given up boating or moved away from the Island who let me know that they will not be renewing their subscription, and alas some messages to say that a member had died since the previous AGM. So far I have not had any post returned marked not at this address, a pleasant change.

Our President has expressed a wish to continue in post if our members agree to a change to our rule limiting a Presidents position to five years with a discretionary one year extension only to be changed to a maximum of ten years providing that he would stand down before if the members wish to replace him.

This would mean that he would hope to see the commencement at least or maybe finishing of the work to provide the much needed work to the pool area to provide additional deep water sheltered walk ashore moorings for local boats giving all tide access.

If the members do not agree to Nick staying in post as President, I for one will miss his wise counsel and willingness to grasp difficult situations to achieve a good result for all members if possible and his calm approach.

We are having problems with our Bank HSBC who are looking at Small Business Accounts and requesting up dated information about who we are, are we who we say we are, and many security information up dates. The problem being it has to be done on line and can not be done by face to face meetings or even by telephone and the response time by them to each progression is by email several days later, I know we are a small item in their greater world but I could do with out the stress it is causing me.


Our Treasurer Cliff White who sailed into the sun set a couple of years back on his boat has ended up in Denmark and likes the life there, and is less likely to reappear every few months to catch up with what’s going on in Guernsey, he has produced our accounts again this year although he is not here at this time to give his report.

What we need is a member who works in accountancy and is qualified, who would be willing to take on this position and I can assure you that it is far from being a time consuming job.  For a number of years I have banked the monies paid by members 

and made sure that bills for burgees, printing etc’ are paid on time and when subscriptions come in, in November, I reconcile several pages of bank transactions to members records and send out membership cards to the correct member.

If you know of some one who might be interested in filling this position on the committee even if they are not here tonight please get in touch with me or Nick Guillemette and meet us for a chat about the position and what is involved, on average it might be 4 or 5 committee meetings spread over the year.

Going back to usual items, I will be sending out whole year parking permits ready for January 1st during the last few days of December and in March the Summer period ones ready for April 1st, but any applications later in the year will be sent out promptly.

Remember if you change boat or move to a different mooring position please send your Parking Permit card back to me with the new details, we will reissue your permit with the new details.

We still can not do internet banking yet as this is one of the problems we are trying to sort out with our bank and if you pay for a burgee or pay your subs at the two chandlers it has to be cash or cheque only they will not take card payments.



Jeremy Witham

GBA Secretary.