Guernsey Gold Cup World Offshore Powerboat Race

The Guernsey Powerboat Associaton (GPA) under the authorisaton of United Kingdom Ofshore Powerboat Racing Associaton (UKOPRA) is hosting the UKOPRA Class 3 and Ofshore World Championship Race on Saturday 6th July 2019.

The race will consist of 30 boats racing a course in the Little Russel, Big Russel and East of Sark.


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Cruise Ship Safety Zone

In the interests of safety and security a safety zone will be established around cruise ships manoeuvring and at anchor in the Little Russel.

Vessels in the Little Russel are requested to give the cruise ships a wide berth, approaching no nearer than 200m and avoid creating wash which could endanger the tendering operation.

Vessels should only enter the zone for collision avoidance, to avoid immediate danger or with prior authorisation.

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Survey Operations

The vessel Nora B will carry out a seabed survey along the route of the submarine power cable between Saint Peter Port, Guernsey and Greve de Lecq, Jersey.

Survey operations are expected to commence on Monday 24th June 2019 lasting for approximately 22 days.

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Air Display Notice

Mariners are advised that in order to indicate the flight line to the pilots of the display aircraft, fluorescent marker buoys will be placed in the following positions from approximately 0900 hours on Thursday 6 June 2019

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Vessel Traffic Service (VTS)

At 0001 on Monday 1 July 2019 Guernsey Port Control will become a declared Vessel Traffic Service (VTS).

  • Vessels of 20m and over and vessels engaged in towing are designated as reporting vessels and are to participate in the VTS.
  • Vessels over 20m in length and/or carrying passengers should contact Guernsey VTS (VHF Ch12) prior to moving within any harbour.

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