Notice from the Alderney Harbour Authority

As the end of the boating season draws near it’s time for us to think about reducing our services to both visiting and local vessels. The following services will be removed at the close of operations on Sunday the 11th of October.

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Navigation Lights

Mariners are reminded of the requirement to conform with the International Regulations for Preventing Collision at Sea (IRPCS) which specify the minimum lighting that specific vessels are required to display at night or in reduced visibility.

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Pleasure Vessels travelling to France

Required by the Prefect of la Manche for all yachtsmen incoming from the Channel Islands in ports from la Manche:

"Regarding boaters from the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands: the prefect of La Manche authorizes the arrival of boaters outside Schengen subject to a declaration on honour regarding their state of health and then the implementation of a voluntary quarantine whose details are provided by the attached document (flyer angleterre quarantaine Manche)."

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Comping Discount for Boat Owners

Saye Beach Campsite in Alderney has been in touch with us to offer a special discount for Gunersey Boat Owner Members on the weekend of 7th - 9th August (last weekend of Alderney Week). Get a fully equipped tent for a family of 4 for £85 for 2 nights. It's usually £55 per night, so thanks for the Discount Saye Beach!