East Herm - Speed Limit Buoys

Two buoys have been located to the west and north of Selle Roque (in positions 49 28.046N 002 26.446W and 49 27.890N 002 26.548W) on the South-eastern Corner of Herm Island as part of several measures to help protect our remaining seabird population.  

The buoys, yellow in colour, are annotated “Speed Limit - 6 Knots” as a reminder to mariners to observe the Coastal Restricted Zone speed limit as laid down in: 

The Boats and Vessels (Registration, Speed Limits and Abatement of Noise) Ordinance 1970 – Part 2 – Section 8

Secretary’s Report 2022

2022 saw a year start with Covid infections again causing disruptions to boating but things began to get better as the year went on, and French Ports welcoming Guernsey vessels.

We had long delays in getting our lay by moorings along the East Coast of Guernsey reinstated with the new deadmen into position and chains and mooring buoys in place. It was well into the summer season before they were finished so we took the decision to leave them in use later into the autumn depending on weather conditions.

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Christmas Day Dive

As is normal for Christmas Day, Guernsey Ports will be allowing diving within the harbour on 25 December 2022.

In order to take advantage of this dispensation to dive within the harbour limits, permission must be obtained from the Harbour Master by 20 December 2022.

The following information will be required:

• Name of Standby vessel

• Contact mobile telephone number/numbers

• Number of divers who will be entering the water on the day

• Number of non-diving boat crew

Divers may dive to the East and South of the red line indicated in the picture attached.

All divers must have a surface marker buoy and be accompanied by their support vessel with marine VHF radio monitoring Guernsey VTS (channel 12) at all times.

Support vessels are to inform Guernsey VTS when divers enter the water and again when they are clear.


Dear G.B.A. Members,

Well, none of us can complain about the weather this season. 

2022 has been excellent for boating. Plenty of sunshine, no real storms and calm seas. However, most of us have kept to local waters due to on-going problems with travelling to French ports coupled with higher fuel costs due to increasing inflation.

We are so fortunate that we live amongst a group of islands. Whether visiting Herm, Sark or venturing up to Alderney or down to Jersey, the welcome we have received in all these destinations has always been very warm.

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Havelet Slipway

Notice to Mariners: Havelet Slipway will reopen for public use on Wednesday 23 November 2022.