COVID-19 - Diving in Bailiwick Waters

Due to the on-going COVID-19 Pandemic and the possible lack of availability of the hyperbaric chamber due to staffing levels at the hospital, all diving activity within Bailiwick waters (both pleasure and commercial), is strongly discouraged until further notice.

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Herm Island – Closed to Visitors

Mariners are advised that Herm Island is closed to visitors until further notice. Mariners are not to land crew on any part of the island without the express permission of the Herm Island Management Staff.

COVID-19 – Use of Pleasure Craft

During the current restrictions in place to stop the spread of COVID-19 Public Health Services do not consider pleasure boating (using any type of vessel, whether motorised or not) to be an essential activity or an open sea activity for the purpose of health and welfare. Therefore pleasure boating is strongly discouraged at this time.

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The answer, which has been clarified by the States' Coronavirus Helpline is "no".

‘the only open sea activities that involve exercise can be deemed to be within the provisions of the new regulations. This does not include going out in your boat for a sail or fishing or for a short cruise.’

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Corona Virus update 18 March 2020

Due to the ongoing situation with the COVID-19 Pandemic, the following measures have been put in place for all visiting vessels:

Any vessel visiting the Bailiwick of Guernsey must first contact Guernsey VTS on VHF #12 or Alderney Port Control on VHF #74 declaring which country they have come from and if there is any sickness on board.

All visiting vessels will be moored in isolation and no crews are to proceed ashore for at least 14 days and then, only on authorisation from the Director of Public Health.

Any vessels wishing to take fuel will be able to do so as normal, however there is to be no physical interaction between the fuel supplier and the crew of the vessel. All payments for services must be made remotely.

Whilst vessels/crews are in isolation communication to shore can be made by contacting Victoria Marina Office on VHF#80 (from 06:00 to 22:00), Alderney Port Control on VHF #74 (during the working day) or Guernsey VTS on #12 at all other times.