From the General Secretariat for Maritime Affairs in Brittany

Communication from the General Secretariat for Maritime Affairs in Brittany and the Côtes d’Armor Departmental Coastal and Maritime Directorate


Those yachts that are planning to call in any marina not designated as a PPF port (Maritime Border Entry Port) have no cause for concern as the following procedure will be adopted:

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St Sampson's Marina Gate

Message from Guernsey Harbours:


"We would like to inform you that due to the current tides we have been able to get to the gate, it will need to undergo further testing before we can announce it operational. We are currently waiting for a new control unit for the traffic light system, so the default setting is for red lights to be displayed. We would like to ask that vessel owners are to proceed with caution during this period. There will be an update once the work has been completed."

Rope Talk

Due to the popularity of the event last year Justin Jones will be holding a highly interactive rope talk at the RCIYC on 1st May 2019 commencing at 7pm.  This event is open to all promises to be a highly informative evening

Notices to Mariners

Two buoys have been located to the west and north of Selle Roque (in positions 49 28.046N 002 26.446W and 49 27.890N 002 26.548W) on the South Eastern Corner of Herm Island as part of a number of measures to help protect our remaining seabird population.

The buoys, yellow in colour, are annotated “Speed Limit - 6 Knots” as a reminder to mariners to observe the Coastal Restricted Zone speed limit as laid down in

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Visitors to France in the event of a 'No Deal' Brexit

In the event of a “No Deal” BREXIT we have been advised that the French Authorities are indicating that visitors to France, arriving from the Channel Islands by sea, will have to initially report to a Frontières Maritimes Port to achieve Customs/Immigration Clearance.

After this they can freely move between other ports on the French Coast, including to marinas that are not designated Frontières Martimes.

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