COVID-19 - Diving in Bailiwick Waters

The Hyperbaric Chamber at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital is now available again for emergency use.

Diving operations may now take place but must conform to the latest social distancing and hygiene guidance issued by the Director of Public Health.


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Beaucette Marina Update

"Following the most recent relaxation of the Guernsey Covid19 guidelines, we can now welcome visiting Guernsey boats to Beaucette Marina this summer (but obviously on the strict requirement that they, for the time being at least, have only come from other Bailiwick ports).

We are taking the opportunity to replace our main visitor pontoon this summer though so we would need a list of boats and their lengths in advance to make sure we can accommodate you on other vacant berths in the marina.  We don't anticipate there being a problem with spaces - but we just would like to check and allocate as necessary beforehand.

We will be offering this on the discounted rate of £15 per boat per night, regardless of length or occupants, if a booking is also made to eat in our Saltwater Restaurant during your visit."

Latest LNTM

Latest LNTM from Guernsey Harbours attached regarding recreational vessel use during Phase 4 of the COVID-19 recovery process including clarification of Herm Island’s access requirements.



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