Customer Survey - Pool Marina Feasibility Study

Please take this opportunity to complete this survey asap., especially if you are interested in having a mooring with 24/7 access.

This is your chance to express your interest to the Port Authorities and to help us to influence them  to proceed with the redevelopment of the Pool area into an all-tide marina facility.

This will also result in freeing up much-needed  space within the existing marinas for new boats and new mooring holders, plus create new facilities for visiting vessels and cater for deeper draft yachts.

Over the past 40+ years Guernsey has always been one of the top rated ports in the British Isles both for visitor and local leisure boating facilities  but sadly we have fallen behind in recent times due to lack of investment and political will. Our competitors in France and Jersey are now ahead of us and decisions need to be made if we wish to regain our reputation whilst creating valuable extra income for our local economy.

So, don’t delay! Take the survey here:

Updates on French Marinas

Here is a brilliant and informative map, sent to us by GBA member Colin Le Conte, who says: "It gives detailed up-to-date info for anyone planning to visit marinas in Normandy and Brittany and I would whole heartedly recommend all leisure boat owners consult it before starting their cruise."

Access the map here:

Speed Limits, Vessel Registration & Insurance

LNTM No. 017/2022

Speed limits from four to six knots are in force in St Peter Port and St Sampson harbours. A speed limit of 6 knots is in force in most of the bays around the coast of Guernsey and in the approaches to Herm and Jethou. There is also a speed limit of six knots off most of the bathing beaches in Herm and at Rosaire anchorage.

All vessels, including jet skis, must be registered with Guernsey Harbours and must display registration numbers. All vessels, including jet skis, must have third party insurance cover.

It is an offence to exceed a speed limit of more than 6 knots within the restricted areas.

The speed limit within all inner harbours and marinas is 4 knots.

Leisure Vessels visiting French Ports

We have just received this new information from Guernsey Harbours regarding Guernsey leisure vessels wishing to visit either St. Cast or St. Quay-Portrieux. This is a breakthrough and a temporary relaxation of the French rules which hopefully will lead to a more permanent arrangement for those of us wishing to visit  other French ports.

Read all the info here