GBA and GMTA drop-in sessions at the GYC

The GBA & the GMTA (Guernsey Marine Traders Assoc.) organised 2 drop-in sessions at the GYC prior to the recent States debate on the Requete for Mooring Fees. This was to fully brief all of the States Deputies on our extensive research. This included David Norman’s detailed spreadsheet showing the marina increases from 2023-2026 as proposed by the States Trading Supervisory Board (STSB) and a Series of Graphs with comparisons of other marina charges spread over 65 marinas throughout England, Scotland, Wales, France and Jersey. And the associated Effects when comparing Guernsey with other jurisdictions. dpn-pack

David Coleman produced a detailed analysis of the States Ports Holding Accounts going back over a 27 year period which shows clearly the extent of the losses at the Airport and the surpluses at the Harbours, split between commercial and leisure mooring fee income and expenditure.(see attached DC PHA States Accounts Summary)

Finally, we listed a Bullet Points list for Presentation as a reminder for the Deputies.

Also discussed was the lack of regulatory powers of the Guernsey Competition & Regulatory Authority (GCRA) when it involves regulating or investigating States departments like STSB. The attached extract from the Competition (Guernsey) Ordinance 2012 (see Document sections of GCRA) shows the relevant sections of this Law highlighted in mauve. This Law is designed to protect all consumers of any goods and services supply. The accompanying attachment (see gp article sure) demonstrates how effective the GCRA can be if it had the powers to regulate States departments.

Following the debate on 21st.March in the States, the GEP article dated 25 March 2024 (see attached) reports on the result of this debate and how the deputies voted which I recommend that all boatowners take note of when it comes to the next general Election in 2025!

A lot of work has gone into this fight and our thanks goes to both David Norman and David Coleman who tpgether with me, Nick Guillemette, have spent many hours researching the facts and hopefully we haven’t wasted our time.