Secretary’s Report 2016.

The 2016 season started off with the increase in subscriptions to £20.00 which was progressing ok at the AGM and at the chandlers shop, the problems arrived with the bank statements and trying to reconcile the payments by standing order. Most transactions were at the new rate but then there were the payments at the old rates paid from some people as well as at the new amount, also all the payments where people had not returned the new standing order forms.

This was on top of the payments of the various historical amounts from each increase over the years covering amounts from £2.00,£3.00,£5.00,£7.00, £10.00 and even one of £1.00, these being from members who we can not trace and the various banks who can’t tell us where the payment has come from due to data protection hence we class these as donation to funds payments.
It’s only when some one has died and the executor contacts us to enquire why Mr or Mrs who ever has been paying us an annual amount of a very few pounds that we are able to get the payment stopped.
All was going well with the negotiations to get new mooring buoys moulded to replace our older inflatable ones that were past there usability and to get our lay by moorings serviced and back in use after the loss of the recompression chamber. We now have an additional mooring out side of the QEII Marina, one in Fermain, and an additional
Lay by mooring in Greve de La Ville Sark to go with the one in Harve Goslin.
Un fortunately in the beginning of May I was not feeling as well as I had been and was admitted to hospital here only to be transferred to Southampton and told I needed a bypass operation. Having been given a quadruple bypass I was frustrated when I got back not to be allowed to use my boat for several months. At least I did not fall off my perch but may be some might have been disappointed I didn’t!!
I am now getting back to grips with GBA business and catching up on what I missed, some changes in management I hear at the Harbour Office even!!
I will be sending out standing order payment membership cards when the bank statements have arrived and parking permit forms to those of you who have requested them, we have gone back to having the AGM earlier in November as we used to, but in Guernsey it’s always going to clash with other events.

Each year I make the request to let us know if you move house or have given up boating. If you know of a friend who was a member and has passed away it would help me to be told, it is difficult when I get a call telling me that some ones husband has died since the last letters were sent out and please don’t send any more, I feel sorry about causing distress un necessarily.
We have been trying to get the various parking areas better  policed by the Harbour Attendants, as Sunday is the day we get most abuse of our spaces it is difficult.

We will continue to get our Burgees made locally by Sarnia Flags who hand make them for us but we sell out frequently and I seem to be ‘phoning her regularly for new supplies.
Please remember if you are using our moorings please fly a burgee to indicate you are a member other wise you might be asked to vacate the mooring or words to that effect.

I do try to respond to messages promptly but I do have a life besides the GBA and even before I was medivaced to Southampton I was sitting up in bed in the PEH catching up on parking requests and other bits and pieces that I could get done. Recently a local IT Company was surprised that the secretary’s position was voluntary and not a full time post but if you asked my wife she would probably argue about the number of hours that make up full time, but don’t let me put off any one who would like to take over please just make an orderly line and I will try to produce a job description.

All joking apart I hope that 2017 will be a better year and I will spend more time out on my boat and less time laid up ashore watching everybody else out at sea.

Jeremy Witham
Secretary GBA