Secretary's Report 2016

Secretary’s Report 2016.

The 2016 season started off with the increase in subscriptions to £20.00 which was progressing ok at the AGM and at the chandlers shop, the problems arrived with the bank statements and trying to reconcile the payments by standing order. Most transactions were at the new rate but then there were the payments at the old rates paid from some people as well as at the new amount, also all the payments where people had not returned the new standing order forms.

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President's Annual Report 2016

Dear GBA Members,

Before I report on the past 12 month’s activities, I should like to take this opportunity to express our sadness at the passing of two of our most influential and forthright members, both of whom were Presidents of this Association, notably John Torode and Peter Derham.

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QE2 Exit Hazard

Guernsey Harbours have been informed and they have removed at least 1 metre of silt but the offending boulder remains a potential hazard when exiting the QE2.


GH intend to relocate this boulder at their earliest opportunity but meanwhile all exiting vessels should give this corner a wide berth. Click on 'Read more' to view the photos.


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